Our story begins in the city of Borșa, Maramureș. A construction worker at the time, visits were frequent to this town located at the foot of the mountains. A gentleman came across us and offered us a taste of a drink he praised for its therapeutic properties.

Her natural taste made me notice her and piqued my curiosity. He told us that it is called birch sap and it is harvested by him himself, from the trunk of the birch, and this activity is done by many locals in the area, who take advantage of this gift that nature offers us. Due to the consumption of birch sap, life expectancy is very high there.

We then documented ourselves about this liquid, we learned that it contains essential vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning of the body. I stayed with this idea in mind and with a desire to make it as well known as possible in our country.

Coincidentally, after some time, during a visit to a factory in Ukraine, I found, among many other products that were manufactured there, birch sap that they collected and bottled.

Then I knew that my wish would come true and that's how we ended up importing this product with miraculous properties to Romania. Since then, the road has been long, the development has been constant and we have realized that any dream can come true.

The BIO-TERRA ENERGY Company was established in order to help promote on the Romanian market a bio and healthy lifestyle, based on a healthy diet with products that are preserved in their natural shape and which nature gives us wholeheartedly.

BIO-TERRA ENERGY is certified as an importer, processor and distributor of birch sap products by CERES GmbH, the Inspection and Certification Body for Organic Agriculture, with the entity code: RO-ECO-024.

Our products are of the highest quality and they are produced in accordance with the requirements of Regulation (EC) no. 834/2007 and Regulation (EC) no. 889/2008 of the Council regarding the organic production.

The organic products made in compliance with EU requirements and rules exclude the use of artificial food additives and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Our company deals specifically with importing Birch sap. It is collected at the end of winter in the birch forests located in the environmentally clean areas of the Ukraine Carpathians.

The 100% natural Birch sap is a true  elixir of health, called by the people in the northern hemisphere in different ways ("Drink of the gods", "magic elixir of shamans", "Essence of life", "Tree milk"  or "Birch blood"), all names suggesting the healing powers of the birch sap. Beyond the poetry of the names and the various popular beliefs, there is a clear certainty:birch sap is effective in treating various diseases, having the ability to purify and change the energy state of our body.

We believe that health is the most precious thing, this is why we only promote organic products and the people who consume them frequently regain the necessary energy and long-term benefits.

In the future, our intention is to increase the range of organic products, as the demand in this field is growing every year.

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